Aberrant DSP SketchCassette II v2.1+ Vst Crack Download 2022

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Aberrant DSP SketchCassette II Crack is a new low-fidelity / overdrive plug-in that brings the warmth and wild character of cassette recorders to your DAW.lo-fi seems to be on the agenda right now. After AudioThing Wires, Aberrant DSP comes with a new plug-in that brings your favorite lo-fi tone to your sounds. SketchCassette II is an effects processor inspired by old 4-track cassette recorders like Tascam 414. It emulates not only the iconic characteristics of these beloved devices of the past, but also the character that these devices give to each sound signal.

Originally marketed as recorders, they are now unique sound design tools that can add character to tracks.SketchCassete II License Key recreates all these aspects in a simple plug-in for PC and Mac. It is capable of generating lo-fi, wow & flutter and fully saturated sounds. The developers have gone even further and offer musicians additional features with which you can make your sounds even weirder.

SketchCassette II Crack has 12 unique tape types and quality profiles that give you a wide variety of different flavors. With the old modeling controls, you can make the plugin more modern or older. The older you get, the dirtier and badder the doorbells get. Of course, you can use the complement as a generic saturation unit. There are 2 different models available: softer and harder.

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And if you want download tape flanging, you don’t need two tape recorders: SketchCassette II Free Download can do this very well with the unique Flanging control that actually combines the Wow & Flutter signal with the dry signal to create the “flutter” sound of flanging. This effect works with both normal Wow & Flutter and FM mode for a wide range of “wobble”. And since you can seamlessly control any setting with DAW automation, you can “play” the flanger effect however you like throughout a song.

A really impressive emulation is dropouts, the random amplitude modulation that occurs when the tape is physically heavily worn or has been exposed to some environmental stresses. Dropouts are fast and random in time, and SketchCassette II download, lets you adjust the effect in “two dimensions” with interacting depth and intensity controls for a wide range of effects. With both maxed out, I saw some drops that were in excess of 12 dB.


  • 12 unique ribbon types and quality profiles
  • Age modeling with continuous control
  • 2 tape saturation models: A (soft), B (strong)
  • Whistle tape
  • Dropouts with newly expanded stereo width control
  • Highly adjustable Wow & Flutter section, including:
  • Tempo sync with DAW
  • An “FM mode” that allows you to modulate the flutter frequency with the Wow controls
  • Beading
  • Noise reduction encoding compression with controls over brightness and amount
  • Mix Controls for Tape Filtering and Compression
  • Custom preset system with 61 factory presets showcasing the versatility of SketchCassette II
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Is SketchCassette free?

Image result of Aberrant DSP SketchCassette II
SketchCassette is available now for PC and Mac in VST / AU / AAX formats at a price of $ 20.

How is SketchCassette installed?

To install SketchCassette II on your computer, simply run the installation package for your operating system. Restart your digital audio workstation before loading the plug-in into a project. On macOS, you may need to restart your computer for new plugins to appear on some hosts.


Sketch Cassette II Serial Key is a great audio processing app that adds inspiring texture and movement to your sounds in a fun and easy way. It is a powerful and professional cassette tape emulation plugin for Lo-Fi rhythm creators and producers designed to help them add color and create movement to their mixes.

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