ActiveFax Server 7.10 Build 0335 (x64) Crack Serial Number Keygen

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Use TELUS Business Connect in combination with ActiveFax Server Full Crack to create and manage your outbound and inbound faxes from any workstation in your network. Sending faxes from a Windows application is as easy as printing a document. ActiveFax comes with integrated central and private phone books and it connects to your Outlook and Active Directory contacts. For fax automation, you can add the recipients fax number, subject, priority or any other information directly to the document  to send fully automated faxes.

The number of TELUS Business Connect accounts supported by ActiveFax is not limited; you can use ActiveFax Keygen key with just a single account or you can configure an individual TELUS Business Connect account for each user or a group of users. Depending on the permission settings of your users, you can control if users should be allowed to see each others faxes. ActiveFax stores all data in a central database. Your users have access to all outbound and all inbound faxes from any workstation that way. The fax server automatically stores faxes in archive folders, so you always have full access to any fax within seconds, no matter when the fax was sent or received.ActiveFax has been designed for network-wide transmission of outbound and inbound fax messages, as well as transmission and forwarding of fax messages by email. The software runs on any Windows version from Windows XP up to Windows 10 and Windows 2019 and also supports the installation on terminal servers. ActiveFax can be used to send faxes from any Windows application. With the integrated programming interface, the software easily integrates with other applications to send fully automated faxes and emails.

Sending fax messages with ActiveFax Serial key is as simple and fast as printing a document on paper. To fax or email a document with ActiveFax, select the printing function of your application as you are used to do and then choose the ActiveFax printer as the destination printer. ActiveFax now displays a dialog window asking for the recipient of the message. As an alternative, it would also be possible to automatically import faxes from file system folders, from mailboxes through POP3 or IMAP or through other services, like LPD/LPR or FTP. When integrating ActFax into your application, faxes are sent fully automatically without any user intervention.

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All installation files are protected with a digital signature and a software publisher certificate to guarantee a highest level of security. The digital signature and the certificate are automatically verified by Windows after the download completed. Before official release, all software updates have to pass extensive test cycles in our labs for maximum hardware and software compatibility.If you decide to purchase an ActiveFax Free Downloads license, existing test installations can be activated without reinstalling the software. All settings and data are kept that way, so you can continue with the data already stored on your fax server.

To automatically distribute ActFax through Windows Group Policy Objects (GPO), the ActFax setup is also available as a MSI installation package. When using the MSI package, the automatic installation and uninstallation of ActFax can be done with minimal administration effort in environments with many workstations. The program components included in the MSI package are identical with the components included in the normal setup. When doing the ActFax installation through a Group Policy Object (GPO), the setup automatically installs the fax client component of ActFax.


  • Mail-to-Fax through POP3 and IMAP mailboxes
  • Free technical support and software updates available for free download for two years
  • Faxing and emailing from any Windows application through native printer driver
  • Faxing and emailing from UNIX and Linux through POP3, IMAP, LPD/LPR, FTP, TFTP and RAW-TCP-Port connections as well as import from the file system
  • Automatic routing of received fax messages with extension numbers (DDI, MSN, DID), station id (CSID) and line routing
  • Automatic printing of received fax messages and sending reports on different printers per user
  • Automatic forwarding of fax messages by email, also to multiple email addresses
  • Automatic export of fax messages
  • Support of the file formats PDF, Tiff, Multipage Tiff, GIF and BMP for email attachments and document export
  • Support of encrypted and password protected PDF files with AES 128-bit encryption
  • Automatic definition of fax parameters (fax number, subject, priority, etc.) for fully automated fax messages from own applications through data fields
  • Formatting of fax messages from non-Windows operating systems with printer commands of HP-LaserJet (PCL), Epson-LQ, Postscript and PDF
  • Automatic archiving of fax messages
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How can I automatically set the recipient of a fax and other data from an application?

A detailed description of how the recipient of a fax and other data can be automatically set from an application can be found in the Installation Instructions.

How can I update an existing ActFax installation to a new version?

To update an existing ActFax installation to a new version, you have to download the latest ActFax release from the Download Area and run the Setup then.

All settings and data remain unchanged when you install the new ActFax release. Do not uninstall the old ActFax version, since you would lose your existing settings and data in that case.

It is recommend to always update the software for the fax server and also for the single fax clients.

In general, software updates for ActFax are available for free download through the Download Area on our website.

Why is my 10-digit ActFax license key is not accepted by the system?

The ActFax license key format has been changed to a new format with ActFax version 4.25. The length of the license key increased from 10 digits to 20 digits. If you currently own an old (10-digit) license key and want to update to ActFax version 4.25 or newer, it is required to convert your 10-digit license key into a new 20-digit license key. This conversion is free of charge.

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ActiveFax Server Crack is remarkable software which enables the user to send and create the fax messages instantly. This program sends and received fax messages from any standard application. You can also use it for simple integration into its own applications, e.g. to fax totally automated purchase orders or orders confirmations.

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