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Back when disk drives were huge in size yet minuscule in capacity, duplicate files were like coronary blockages, a growing problem that could crash the system at any time. Programmers responded with duplicate file finders, which had a bad habit of misidentifying duplicates. Today, duplicate files are more like stubborn body fat, your PC’s “love handles”: Not exactly welcome, but too much trouble to remove. Good thing the programmers aren’t taking it lying down! For example, there’s AllDup Full Crack from Michael Thummerer Software Design. It’s a free duplicate finder that seems to have an answer for every question, at least those pertaining to finding and rooting out duplicate files, wherever they hide.

AllDup’s Keygen key default interface displayed our drives and folders with checkboxes to select them for searching. Log and Profiles buttons are handy if, for instance, you regularly upload a lot of snapshots from your camera. We were impressed by numerous options for configuring, filtering, and displaying search results, most customizable via buttons with labels such as Add, Enter Text, Replace, Edit, Open, Remove, and Check. Despite its extensive filtering and targeting options, AllDup proved pretty easy to use. Starting with the Pictures folder on the C drive, we applied it to several drives, finding not only duplicate images and media files but also multiple copies of some programs and updates in different download folders. As with all responsible duplicate finders, it can move files to a safe folder for review before you delete them. AllDup has some nice extras, such as the ability to add an entry to Explorer’s context menu, to designate external programs like Word for tasks like file comparison, and to specify plug-ins that the preview pane will use to display certain file types, such as media files.

AllDup Serial key seems to have things covered when it comes to comparing files by name, size, extension, and attributes–even byte-by-byte Content analysis–as well as excluding things you want left alone. Of course, all the options in the world are useless if you don’t take the time to go through them, but we found AllDup’s settings easy to handle. AllDup shows that free duplicate file finders have come a long way.

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Free Download AllDup 4 full version standalone offline installer for Windows. It is a tool for searching and removing file duplicates on your computer.AllDup is your reliable tool to help find and remove duplicate files in your computer. This freeware is capable of searching for all types of files in whatever format they may be stored in and easily deleting them or moving them to a separate folder of your choice. AllDup utilizes a powerful search engine that can find files in different ways either by file name, content, file extension, dates and file attributes. Freeing up your hard disk using this tool can take just a few minutes as AllDup has a fast search algorithm. It can look for duplicates in multiple folders, drives, media storages, CDs and DVDs. Whether it’s music, videos, digital photos, movies, text, downloaded files, entire documents folders and individual files you’re looking to remove, you can achieve your goal in no time.

There’s also a built in viewer that lets you check file formats and analyze them first before deciding to move them to another folder or delete them permanently from your PC. Those who love to store MP3 files can benefit from using AllDup to ensure no duplicates are stored in your computer. Even duplicate MP3 files with different ID3 tags can be easily searched by this freeware tool. And it’s safe to use because it does not automatically delete files without your permission. You can copy duplicate files and move them somewhere else or you can just send them to the recycle bin or a separate backup folder and restore them anytime should the need arises. After searching for clone files, you are conveniently provided with a search result list which you can save first. Then, you can just restore it back later if you need to work on them again. All your actions are also properly logged. You can still check back what steps you’ve done earlier if you find yourself at a loss when you start the process again. There’s no better way to get rid of duplicates from your PC because all you need is the AllDup software. It’s free, easy to use and works well with Windows operating systems.

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  • Search for similar pictures
  • Search for duplicates of executable and any other files
  • Save and restore the search result to continue working later
  • Entire folders or individual files can be excluded from the search by masks or size conditions
  • For your safety all files that have to be deleted can be moved in backup folder
  • Create shortcuts or hard links to the last original file
  • Ignore the EXIF data of JPEG and CR2 files
  • For your safety all files that have to be deleted can be moved to the Recycle Bin
  • Search is performed in multiple specified folders, drives, media storages, CD/DVDs…
  • Find duplicate pictures
  • The built-in file viewer allows you to preview many different file formats and analyze the content of the file before deciding what to do with it
  • Ignore the meta data of FLAC files


How do I find duplicate videos?

Top 8 Duplicate Video Finders
Easy Duplicate Finder – Finder of compressed videos and other files.
Duplicate Video Finder Free – Identifies replica video files of all formats.
Ultimate Duplicate Video and Music Finder – Check multiple folders/drives in one go.
Duplicate Files Fixer – Multi-purpose duplicate finder.
More items…

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How do I find duplicate videos on my computer?

To scan your computer for duplicate videos, click on the “File Types” button, select ‘Video Files’ and then run a scan. Once the scan is finished, you will be able to review the results and manage the duplicates the way you want to.

Does Windows 10 have a duplicate file finder?

Look for the Duplicate Finder feature. From there, you can customize your search to match them by name, content, or modified date. You can also have the app look through your local disk drives.

Does Windows 10 come with a duplicate file finder?

Windows lacks a built-in utility for finding and removing duplicate files, but you can use these third-party duplicate file finder tools for Windows 10.


AllDup Crack is an excellent software to remove the duplicate files that you have and to free up additional space on your system. However the program is not completely perfect; namely, it still bears the flaws of all its brothers — the inherent problem of accidentally deleting duplicate files that are not meant to be deleted. Use it properly and AllDup is extremely useful; use it improperly and you are in a world of hurt.

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