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Certain applications may lack the option to launch automatically during the system’s startup and you may need them to run immediately when you turn on your computer. AlwaysUp Full Crack can solve this easily. Besides running any application you want, it also monitors the program, making sure that it never hangs or crashes.AlwaysUp is part of a larger suite of applications, which are designed to help the user manage his system with greater ease. It works on all modern Windows platforms, from XP to Win 7 and Server editions and it does not require powerful hardware.When it comes to functionality, AlwaysUp is similar to one of its counterparts (Service Protector). You have to compile a list of applications, on the main interface and use different options to start or stop monitoring a selected application, restart it, edit its settings and more.

You will notice AlwaysUp’s full Version key potential when adding a new application. This is done on a tabbed window, where you can set up a very wide range of rules. Obviously, you will have to select a program’s executable file, but you may also set AlwaysUp to run it immediately, when the computer boots, delay this task or choose to run it on demand. Priorities can be selected as well. A low priority means that your application will be launched when the system is idle, while a high priority means that AlwaysUp will run it under any circumstances.

Some of the available options are similar to the ones that Service Protector has to offer. If you are not familiar with the software, you should know that AlwaysUp Keygen key can restart an application automatically if it stops. There are several parameters to set up, so it is safe to say that AlwaysUp provides great flexibility. It can restart an application immediately, after one hour, at a specific time or according to other rules. It is also possible to set up numerous conditions for terminating an application. If it hangs for a certain period of time, uses a certain amount of memory or if it overuses the CPU for a specific number of minutes, AlwaysUp will kill it immediately and it can reboot the computer as well.The software includes many more features, like sending automatic emails when a certain event occurs, reconnecting network drives or ensuring that certain services are started. The most important functions are found on the same tabbed window. If you want to set up the same rules for multiple applications, you may use an option, located in the Application menu, to copy a created set of rules. Once copied, you only need to select a different application.

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Free Download AlwaysUp 13 latest full version offline complete setup for Windows. AlwaysUp operates several applications as a Windows service and monitors the whole functioning constantly to ensure full uptime.AlwaysUp is a right-hand and reliable solution for a number of large and small businesses globally. It automatically starts the application when a computer needs a reboot, and automatically restarts the application if it stops working, hangs, or consumes excessive memory, and does the whole thing in its capacity to ensure that that application is available all the time. Its intuitive GUI or user interface makes it very easy to constitute any application as a Windows Service. You may also like NirLauncher Package Free Download.

Simply specify two key items such as name and the path to application and users are on their way. Moreover, the systematic and comprehensive email alerts from the app will keep users informed of its performance, crashes, programmed restarts, and other significant details. All in a nutshell, AlwaysUp maneuvers a number of applications as a Windows service and monitors the entire operation regularly to ensure uptime.


  • A right-hand and reliable solution for a number of large and small businesses globally
  • Ensures ease of Business and installs any application as a Windows Service in just a few seconds
  • Capable to start the application when the computer reboots and run without being logged in
  • Ensures certain uptime without manual user interference
  • Adapts both GUI and non-GUI based applications to operate as services
  • Monitors the application and restarts it whenever it stops working
  • Does not necessitate auto-logon for Windows
  • Detects and restarts corrupted applications that frequently hangs, hogs CPU, or consumes space
  • Restarts the application (or reboot the computer) at a programmed time
  • Boosts application’s performance to confirm that it works well on the host computer
  • Emails the users with details of crashes and resumes other complications
  • Supports the integration of utilities that are executed frequently for better functioning
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Is AlwaysUp safe?

AlwaysUp leverages the Windows Services architecture to provide robust, low-level application control in a secure environment. As a Windows Service, your application can start automatically when the computer boots, survive user logons/logoffs, and run entirely in the background without user intervention.

What is AlwaysUp software?

AlwaysUp runs any application (32/64-bit executable, batch file, shortcut, java, perl, etc.) as a Windows Service, monitoring it constantly to ensure 100% uptime.

Is always up free?

Sure, not everyone looking to run a program as a service needs AlwaysUp. A free tool can be a fine choice, especially for hobbyists and home users.13-Oct-2018

How do I start always up?

To install AlwaysUp:

  1. Download AlwaysUp, if necessary: …
  2. If you weren’t able to launch the installer directly from your browser, double-click on the downloaded file (AlwaysUp_Installer.exe) to start it.
  3. On some versions of Windows, you will see the following User Account Control (UAC) security prompt:


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