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With BitComet Crack, you can share your torrent files with other users through a P2P search network, a feature called Torrent Exchange. Bitcomet also supports anonymous downloads through a paid VIP feature, which prevents others from monitoring your file transfers. Other functions can be enabled or modified from the Options section.

Instead of selecting the files you want, you can even click Video, Audio, or Image to automatically capture all those types of files without selecting the rest. This can be extremely useful if your torrent contains a lot of mixed files but you only want the images, for example.The panel on the right completes the layout, with a torrent search and advertising feature.

Among the usual features, BitComet Crack offers chat capabilities, the ability to bookmark your favorite sites, a toolbar for Internet Explorer 7, and a context menu for Firefox 2. While the application held its own against more well-known competitors in terms of speed and multi-torrent handling, we found ubiquitous ads to be annoying compared to competitor’s ad-free environments.


BitComet Free Download is a Bittorrent / HTTP / FTP download client and supports many modern bittorrent protocols, e.g. Magnet Link, HTTP seeding, DHT network, UDP v2. Many torrent downloads get stuck at 99% because the seeder left.Try to improve the yield by using the unique long-term seeding technology. This technology can find more seeds to help finalize your downloads.

In the old days, bittorrent clients could damage your hard drive with large amounts of read and write data. BitComet Free Download is the first client to solve this problem by caching data in memory and thus accessing your hard drive less frequently.When this program downloads video files, it will automatically try to download the file’s header and tail as soon as possible. Therefore, it is possible to preview the video during the download process.

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  • Fast and powerful
  • Long-term planting
  • Smart disk cache
  • Preview during download


How do I use BitComet?

Using BitComet to download torrents

  • Before you start. …
  • Doing your part. …
  • BitTorrent transfers. …
  • Introduction of . …
  • 3) Drag and drop the torrent link onto the floating BitComet window. …
  • 3) Drag and drop the Magnet link onto the floating BitComet window. …
  • 2) Use a Magnet URI or a direct URL or torrent information hash. …
  • 2) Drag and drop the file.

Is it legal to use BitComet?

Please note that this program is absolutely legal to use. With that being said, there may be cases where certain available downloads are deemed illegal based on a specific region or intellectual property rights. It is always recommended that you comply with all relevant rules and regulations.

How safe is it to use BitComet?

The program itself is completely safe. Softonic has made sure that the latest version is free from viruses and similar threats. Still, there is always a risk that downloaded torrent files will get corrupted. Make sure they are obtained from reliable sources.


BitComet Serial Key still seems to have a hard time reaching the elite of this category of software. Even though it has a number of unique features, a slightly friendlier approach would definitely give it a boost. We think BitComet is worth a try and could become a major torrenting app in the future.

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