BlackIce BiBatchConverter 4.87.648 With Crack

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With BlackIce BiBatchConverter Crack, you can enable Bates numbering, customize swatch properties and results, create and manage multiple profiles with printer settings, enable print redirection, enable OCR, automatically launch a third parties, disable the messaging interface and apply watermarks to images and comments. There were no issues in our tests as the device did not crash, crash or display any error messages. Files convert quickly while system consumption was low with low CPU and RAM.

Although you can configure the tool to monitor the preferred directories on your computer at any given time, you can also perform the task manually by dragging and dropping the desired documents on the interface. Furthermore, the tool comes with a built-in feature that allows you to send the files via email once the operation is complete. You can be sure that the application opens a dialog where you can specify the recipient.

Another noteworthy feature is the content extractor, a feature that allows you to retrieve text from image documents or PDF files as plain text, patterned text, or with a custom font, position, and style. Speaking of PDF, the program includes several advanced processing features, including but not limited to file description, encryption, password handling, compression, resampling, font embedding, etc.

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As for this output format, BlackIce BiBatchConverter Free Download is quite complete and supports GIF, HҬML, JPEG, RAW images, IFF, XML, JPEG and BMP files, among others download. In addition to specifying the output folder, it has several parameters. Focuses on this image (such as paper size, graphic resolution, page orientation), file download (such as color depth, page translation, additional text), photo quality (such as sharp, smooth, edge) and the quality of the image. Photo. For amxamplҽ, this file can be uploaded to SharePoint immediately and via email.

Black Ice Free Download Softwares BiCommandLineConverter is a flexible and easy download-to-use document conversion tool for command line batch conversion. The BiCommandLineConverter can be used as a simple document conversion utility for commonly used document types. BiCommandLineConverter available in BiBatchConverter and in OEM Virtual Printer Driver API/RTK.Given its special capabilities, BlackIce BiBatchConverter should meet the demands of many experienced users looking for a complete file converter.


  • Virtual printer drivers for developers. ColorPlus PDF Printer Drivers.
  • Image toolboxes. TIFF SDK/ActiveX.
  • Automated printing. Automatic Printing SDK.


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Lastly, it is worth mentioning that BlackIce Serial Key Server supports a large number of file formats, particularly those that are commonly used in the office environment. Among the supported output formats, you can count JPG, PDF, BMP, PCXm GIF, PNG, DWG and a wide variety of TIFF formats.

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