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Condusiv V-locity Full Crack acceleration software allows applications to run 50% faster or more in virtualized environments without the cost of new or additional storage hardware. By optimizing I/O as close to the application as possible, at the OS level, only productive I/O traffic is pushed through the server, network and storage, resulting in unprecedented application performancen boosts from software.An enormous amount of I/O traffic is completely unnecessary. Facing performance bottlenecks, organizations respond by investing in more hardware—trying to solve performance issues reactively, with brute force, rather than applying an efficient approach.

By optimizing I/O at the source,before Condusiv V-locity Serial key gets pushed through the server, network and storage,performance issues are eliminated across the infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of hardware. V-locity uniquely addresses the unnecessary I/O patterns of reads and writes by aggregating data on writes to perform sequentially while caching reads on available server memory without contention to the application. As a result, V-locity boosts application performance by 50% or more by (1) maximizing the efficiency of every single I/O from write requests that leave the server and (2) caching the most active data from read requests using available server memory.As great as virtualization has been great for server efficiency, one of the biggest downsides to virtualization is that it adds complexity to the data path – otherwise known as the I/O blender effect that mixes and randomizes I/O streams.

2 severe I/O inefficiencies cause this:First, is caused by the behavior of the Windows file system. Condusiv V-locity Keygen key will tend to break up writes into separate storage I/Os and send each I/O packet down to the storage layer separately and this causes I/O characteristics that are much smaller, more fractured, more random than they need to be.Second, is storage I/O contention. This happens when you have multiple systems all sharing the same storage resource.Your performance is not only penalized once but twice by storage I/O efficiencies. This means systems process workloads about 50% slower than they should on the typical Windows server because far more I/O is needed to process any given workload. This has been found to be the cause of a host of Windows performance problems.

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Free Download Condusiv V-locity 7 full version standalone offline installer for Windows, it is an advanced I/O reduction software to solve server issues.Condusiv V-locity is an I/O minimization software that ensures solving the toughest application performance challenges on virtual servers. V-locity solves two major I/O inefficiencies in virtual environments, which rob 50% of the bandwidth from the VM (virtual machine) to the storage with smaller, more fragmented I/O features. Cracking more and more random than needed. V-locity is transparent, set-and-forget software that solves this problem with large, clear contiguous write and read capabilities, so more payload is distributed with each I/O operation. In addition, V-locity reduces memory I/O by caching hot readings from idle, available DRAM. Nothing has to be allocated to the cache because V-locity automatically adjusts to what is not used. Most customers serve 50% of their read traffic if at least 4GB of memory is available during peak uptime. If the system is limited in memory, the V-locity’s buffer will completely roll back.

V-locity’s patented write optimization eliminates serious inefficiencies in data transfer between Windows OS and base memory creating too small, broken Broken, write, and random read reduce performance. By giving Windows the intelligence to write adjacent large files in real time, maximum payload is done with every I/O operation to increase storage performance.V-locity console shows the value given to any virtual machine or group of virtual machines by showing the percentage of read and write traffic offloaded from memory, total I/Os The load is reduced from memory and the amount of “I/O time” is stored as a result. Administrators can easily view the amount of I/O left to their storage subsystems from eliminating inefficiencies, see how much time is saved, and quickly identify key systems. would benefit greatly from V-locity’s archiving engine by adding a little more memory.

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  • Lightweight & Easy to use
  • Clean contiguous writes & reads
  • Solves inefficiencies in virtual environments


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If you have an environment with a large amount of data and memory to spare, after our in-house testing, Condusiv’s V-locity product looks to be a great solution to help improve the performance of your applications running on MS SQL, without having to buy and add expensive new hardware.  Condusiv offers a 30-day trial to install on any virtual server.

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