DJ Swivel BDE Full Crack is an earth shattering distortion plugin featuring several distortion styles, complimentary effects, M/S and Frequency control over the distortion effect, along with the worlds first user definable dynamic preservation control function, allowing you to maintain the dynamic range of any signal while still applying a distortion effect.BDE, or Big Distortion Engine for long, is the second plug‑in from producer and engineer Jordan Swift. Better known as DJ Swivel, Jordan is not one of those celebrity mixers who slaps his name onto anything going so, as with his previous offering The Sauce, BDE has been developed by his own team to his own specifications.

The GUI looks clean and simple, but packs in quite a few more controls than is apparent at first sight. Like Heavyocity’s Punish, DJ Swivel BDE Keygen key based around a central ‘magic eye’ control that grows redder and angrier as you crank it up. In this case, the central control governs the Drive of the selected saturation algorithm. There are six of these, with names ranging from Cherry Bomb to Nuke to reflect the level of sonic destruction on offer.What emerges from the saturation algorithm also depends on several other parameters.

Two sliders labelled FX Band allow DJ Swivel BDE License key to set upper and lower frequency bounds, outside of which the signal is not distorted. This is great when, for example, you want to add some midrange attitude without turning the low end boomy or introducing high‑frequency fizz. It’s also possible to fine‑tune the amount of saturation by varying the input gain. There’s a Detect function that can analyse the input signal and set the gain parameters appropriately, and the input and output gain controls can optionally be linked so that a constant output level is maintained.

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Free Download DJ Swivel BDE full version standalone offline installer for Windows, it is an audio plugin featuring several audio distortion styles.DJ Swivel The Sauce is dj swivel’s leading creative tool for handling impressive vocals. Sauce gives you all the essential ingredients you need to creatively transform your vocals in one simple plugin. FLAVOR – These effects are commonly used to modulate vocals, creating the “vocal chop” sound heard in countless Pop, Dance and Hip-Hop hits. But if you are feeling adventurous try it on blank, you won’t be disappointed.

Drip is a classic modern echo and delay modulation technology, with built-in high and low pass filters, plus table tennis option. Simple but effective.Sauce allows all of the above effects to be processed wholly or individually across three user-defined multi-band layers. This allows for endless possibilities of sounds and effects that have never been heard before and are currently not available in a standalone plugin like this.


  • 6 Distortion Styles.
  • Dynamic Preservation Control.
  • Complete control over the distortion field (Bandpass, M/S).
  • Bit Crushing & Downsampling.
  • User-friendly auto-levelling function.

The plugin is available from Plugin Boutique at a 50% introductory discount, priced $49 USD until January 1st, 2020.

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BDE comes in VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac.


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A slick and effective saturation plug-in with some unusual features.

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