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Drive Letter Changer Crack is a portable freeware tool to simplify the process of assigning a specific drive letter to a hard drive or external storage device. You could do this with the Windows DiskInstallation is not required. Just extract the ZIP to the folder of your choice, and run the program. The user interface is simplified and provides quick access to all the main options. It lists all your drives and the drive letter currently assigned to them.Volume Mount Points are specialized NTFS file system objects which are used to mount an entry point to other volumes. Mounting a drive to a folder path has its pros and cons. For example, doing so allows us to access a drive from anywhere. If you want to hide a drive from other users just mount a drive to a folder path and delete its drive letter. Another example: if you’re already sharing content on your network, you probably have one or more network mapped drives. The problem is, as you add more drives to the network, you are also adding more map points to the system. A better to way to host content might instead be to have a single mapped drive with many mount point folder paths. Drive Letter Changer can easily mount a drive letter to a folder path; just right click a drive and choose “Mount in Empty NTFS Folder”.

Use the Task menu or right-click menu to remove a drive letter, or copy a volume name. The Tools menu includes Disk Management, Run Mountvol, Remove Old Mounted Data, and Restart Windows Explorer. “Run Mountvol” will list possible values for volume name, as well as current mount points.Drive Letter Changer Serial Key is an easy to use application that allows you to quickly customize the local or removable drives by changing their letter. The application can come in handy in cases when you wish to change the drive letter, particularly for removable volumes. Moreover, it is lightweight and does not require installation.As you open it, Drive Letter Changer can automatically detect the available partitions on your computer and display them in a table. You can also view the drive label if it exists, as well as the drive name and any mounted folders.

You can open the Task menu or simply right-click on the table entry that you wish to modify. A secondary menu can be accessed, which contains a list of all the available letters for the selected drive. The letters that are already assigned are marked in bold font style and the Windows drive letter is always forbidden.Drive Letter Changer License Key allows you to mount the selected drive in an empty NTFS folder, in available, as well as perform the opposite action – unmount NTFS folder. You may also view the drive properties, the available space and network sharing options.The program also allows you to prompt the Disk Manager tool and create volume mount points using Command Line arguments. You may perform these tasks from Windows as well, however, Drive Letter Changer is designed to ease the way and bring all the options in a single interface.

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Drive Letter Changer download should start automatically in a few seconds… If your download does not start automatically please click direct download link below.Being a Windows user, everybody is quite familiar with drive letters assigned to the partitions on the system. That makes it easier for us to recognize individual partitions and media devices like USB flash drives, external hard drives when they are connected to our PC or Laptop. The task of assigning drive letters to drives is taken care of by Windows so that you do not need to do it manually and every time you connect a new drive to the system; a drive letter is assigned after it is recognized by your system. 

While this mostly works well, Drive Letter Changer Activation Key has one notable problem: it doesn’t appear to recognise network drives. What you will need to do instead is download a ZIP file, extract its contents, and run DChanger.exe. According to the developer, Drive Letter Changer should run smoothly on 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, or XP. Drive Letter Changer has a simple interface that lists all your drives, with drive letters, drive labels, drive names. If you want to assign a new letter to drive D, you can select it from the list, go to the Tasks menu, then the Change Drive Letter submenu and choose a new drive letter. Alternatively, you can click drive D from the list and select a new drive letter from the Change Drive Letter menu. Sordum, the developer behind Drive Letter Changer, offers this app for the great price for free. 

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  • Mounting a drive to a folder path has its pros and cons.
  • If you want to hide a drive from other users just mount a drive to a folder path and delete its drive letter.


Can drive letters be changed?

The drive letter for the system volume or boot partition (usually drive C) cannot be modified or changed. Any letter between C and Z can be assigned to a hard disk drive, CD drive, DVD drive, portable external hard disk drive, or USB flash memory key drive.

Is changing drive letter bad?

Windows wouldn’t be able to find itself. There are drives whose letter you can safely change. If a partition contains only data files that you rarely use, changing the drive letter may cause an occasional annoyance but rarely anything worse. External drives’ letters can almost always be changed without problems.

How do I change a drive letter from D to C?

Find the drive letter you want changed. Look for \DosDevices\D: . Right-click \DosDevices\D: , and then select Rename. Rename it to the appropriate (new) drive letter \DosDevices\C: .


Drive Letter Changer Keygen requires no installation, which means that you can easily run it from any folder you wish, including from removable drives. It features a simple interface, in which it automatically displays the available drives as soon as you open the program. Moreover, it allows you to access the tasks from its context menu.

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