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EasyMorph Crack is a data manipulation tool that helps you quickly and visually transform and analyze data. You can design data transformations with EasyMorph faster compared to writing scripts in manual scripting languages. Anyone who has read anything on my blog related to search data knows that the biggest obstacle to success with Tableau is getting the data “exactly”.

This software allows you to recover data from various systems and automate complex transformations, even if you are not an IT expert. It is optimized for knowledge workers and data analysts who want to reduce their dependency on corporate IT departments and spend less time on tedious data-related work.Many people use Excel, VBA/Python scripts, or SQL queries for data preparation because they don’t know of better alternatives.

This is a specially designed program with over 120 built-in transformations for fast, visual data preparation and transformation without coding.Combine data preparation and automation in workflows without making a distinction between the two. You can get away from obscure scripts and cumbersome spreadsheets and take your productivity to a whole new level.The automated documentation feature in EasyMorph Crack allows users to capture all data manipulations and calculations to make it easy to pull changes, identify problems, and track history.


Free download EasyMorph full version standalone offline installer for Windows. This is an ETL and data preparation tool with over 120 transformations.EasyMorph Download includes over a hundred built-in transformations and stores all intermediate results, allowing users to click on any conversion measure and see the result immediately. Users can load information from databases, spreadsheets, and files and change it visually, employing various surgeries as a filter or combination, and export the results to databases and files.

Download data conversion capabilities of EasyMorph 2022 Free Download include data preparation for dashboards and reports, over 100 activities including merging, matching, filtering, aggregation, and more, plus the ability to export and import to and from spreadsheets. , databases and even files of different download. Users will also perform complex non-relational transformations such as regexp, pivot/unpivot, or fuzzy matching, and use data quality protections to prevent “dirty” or conflicting data from being scattered.

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  • Command line mode Run EasyMorph projects from the command line. Integrate EasyMorph with enterprise ETL tools and other applications.
  • EasyMorph’s self-documentation automatically generates a formatted, readable description of all transformation logic in plain language.
  • Import and export EasyMorph allows you to merge data from multiple sources. Export the results of the transformation, if necessary. The current list of supported data sources includes access to native databases, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite.
  • Over 30 transformations You don’t need SQL or programming skills, as EasyMorph offers over 30 built-in transformations that allow you to design transformation logic of almost any complexity.
  • EasyMorph allows you to visually transform data, unlike SQL, Visual Basic, Python, SAS or Qlik. It does this by applying a filter or joining operations to the data, step by step.
  • EasyMorph has an intuitive interface that users of all skill levels can easily navigate.


What is EasyMorph?

EasyMorph is optimized for non-technical users who want to reduce their dependency on corporate IT departments and spend less time on tedious data-related tasks.

Does EasyMorph only come in a 64-bit version and is it only for Windows?

  • EasyMorph works in free edit mode for an unlimited time unless a valid is applied. Compare editions.
  • All user data always resides on the user’s computer. No data is sent to the cloud unless you explicitly choose to export data to a cloud application/database. No temporary data file is created as all calculations are performed in memory.
  • Our privacy policy is here.
  • The best way to get started with EasyMorph on your own is to go through the tutorial and explore the examples that come pre-installed with EasyMorph (you can find them on the app’s home page).
  • The community forum is the best place to ask questions about “how to do this or that in EasyMorph”. The forum also has tons of questions already answered with examples out of the box.
  • Yes, we will be happy to do a demo for you, just book a demo with us.
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Easy morph Serial Key was very easy to learn and you can’t beat the price. If you have 30 transformations or less in a project, you can use the free download (our example only has ten transformations). If you need more than 30 transformations, as well as more sophisticated features (for example, automation and scripting), the price will range from $195 to $55 per single license per month.

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